Compass Brazil is a full service tour operator in Brazil that offers unique quality travel packages for independent travelers, groups, outfitters, travel agencies, institutions and other organizations. 

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Golden Lion Tamarin Primate Warching Progam

Golden Lion Tamarin Primate Warching Progam

10/13/2016 | Product Highlight

In the nearby hills, away from the bustle of Rio de Janeiro, high-pitched whistles pierce the air. Small islands of forest grow in an ocean of pasture land. Up in the trees a brilliant orange-gold flash leaps ...

Western Brazil's Wetland Wonders

Western Brazil's Wetland Wonders

10/03/2016 | Brazil in the News

Western Brazil is home to the largest floodplain in the world. In April 2016, adventure tour operators and media became Pantaneiros (local cowboys) and learned all about the culture and landscape that defines ...

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